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AN GROUP offers consultancy and project deliveries in the areasof automationmanufacturing ITprocess and validation according to the highest international standards. We offer consulting services and project-oriented solutions focusing on everything from small ideas to broad operational systems. Our engineers and consultants cooperate closely with our clients to learn their needs, requirements to deliver the best possible solution. We are proud that the companies we work with consider us as a partner than a supplier. We have achieved this through our consulting services & results-oriented solutions and a thorough understanding of customer issues and culture. We participate actively from the specification phase up to the operational start of the established facility and always work on improving processes from idea to finished facility. 

our values

Our seven core values form the basis for our daily work and guide us in the way we work with our customers and partners.


In order to solve and execute a successful project, it is important to take responsibility. AN GROUP takes responsibility every step of the way - from idea to finished project until our clients are satisfied.


The results achieved by our deliveries is what makes the difference. Our mindset is therefore based on delivering results and is an ingrained part of how we perform our work.


To succeed with the projects, we require the right qualities and competencies. Therefore, we continuously train our employees and seek the right employees at the same time, so we always have the best skills in the house.

Competent Partner

We are perceived as a partner rather than a supplier by our customers. This is achieved based on a thorough understanding of our customers’ challenges, needs and internal culture as well as our results-oriented solutions.

High Quality

We will always strive to deliver the best quality. Should an error occur, it always has the highest priority to get resolved. We do not leave a project without delivering a satisfactory result that meets the customer's requirements and needs.

Customer Focus

The customer's goal is our goal. We always strive to deliver the best possible result. As a trusted advisor and partner, we ensure that our solutions are delivered optimally according to customer needs.


Credibility is a key to AN GROUP, and we continously strive to create this relationship with our customers, as the aim of our work must never be unclear - offering the best solution both functionally and economically. Our integrity lies in maintaining focus on the most optimal solution for our clients business even if it means performing differently.