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AN GROUP and our employees are specialists in manufacturing IT and automation systems. We offer consulting services and project-oriented solutions focusing on everything from small ideas to broad operational systems. Focusing on the individual project, we develop in close cooperation with the respective client a solution that optimizes and ensures the maximum benefit. The best collaboration occurs when we have the opportunity to integrate the client’s internal culture, procedures and objectives, thus tailoring a solution that matches the specific needs. The culture of AN GROUP is to focus on understanding our customers’ business and their requirements for the solutions. We believe that this close cooperation is crucial to delivering the best possible solutions. By learning customer needs, requirements and business, we achieve the basic prerequisites for moving in the right direction.

AN GROUP has projects all over the world. We are proud that the companies we work with consider us more as a partner than a supplier. We have achieved this through results-oriented solutions, high service and a thorough understanding of customer issues and culture. Regardless of the type and scope of the project, we always work closely with the customer’s specialists and teams. There are often many stakeholders involved in these projects and in order to get the best possible solution, we must understand the business and the stakeholders’ needs. We have acquired deep knowledge of the latest technologies, systems and programing languages and work independently of our suppliers. Focusing on functionality and efficiency, AN GROUP assesses the tasks and determines whether an individual or a standard solution should be prepared to solve the problem. 

project management


Our services must always ensure our customers receive the optimal business optimization supported by using the right technology and resource utilization.


We participate in the development, establishment and optimization of production systems at a level that ensures our customers the optimal business benefits. We provide the best possible solution for the company based on our long-standing experience, specific knowledge and independence to system software and equipment suppliers.