are you interested in pursuing a career in an group?

Working in AN GROUP

AN GROUP has a flat organizational structure and a high degree of flexibility. We expect our employees to take responsibility for every task at hand and work efficiently to ensure quality in everything they do. For us, a job is more than just a job. It has as much to do with developing and to put your mark on your work, to be inspired and motivated but most importantly – to thrive. We make room for both independence and teamwork, as these are part of our principles of credibility, openness and honesty, which are essential when we work with some of the most challenging projects. AN GROUP’s culture is influenced by having a nice tone in the office, making everyone feel welcomed. It is important for us to maintain a good relationship between colleagues, which is also the reason why we often arrange joint activities as part of creating and maintaining a community with new and existing employees.

Three good reasons to work in AN GROUP


Trust and commitment is crucial in AN GROUP. We offer our employees flexible working hours that fits their schedule. You can always make an agreement with your leader.


You will experience a steep learning curve through your work. We offer various educational courses that can strengthen your competencies on an ongoing basis.


Building and maintaining good relationships is part of our culture. We provide different activities for our employees regularly as part of ensuring inclusion and a good working environment.

AN GROUP is always looking for new employees who want to join our company. We are regularly posting new positions and always on the lookout for potential employees even though there are no immediate position available. Click here to see if there are any vacant positions for you – and if not, do not hesitate to contact us