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MES system without license restrictions

A packaging company wanted flexibility and economy for its packaging solutions causing it to reject large standard software solutions. AN GROUP developed and implemented a specific and flexible system with exactly the wanted MES functionality without any restrictions caused by licenses. 

Distribution value chain optimization

A Scandinavian customer in the postal services industry needed a sales, production, distribution and collating system to upgrade their business. AN GROUP delivered this system integrated with the local IT architecture (master data, organization structure, sales and reporting). The new system supports better sales planning, a more efficient production and tracing of orders.

Production planning and execution

For a Northern European customer AN GROUP prepared a state-of-the-art planning and execution tool for admail able to control and bundle individual admail sets with individual printed matter. The project includes development/adaptation of bundling machines, a production control system (collating, stacking, bundling) and an advanced production planning tool.

Integration and supervision

For Chicago Tribune and LA Times AN GROUP developed a general integration and supervision system for their mail room. The system interfaces to administrative systems for order records, planning system and printing control system for exchange of production orders. Three different types of distribution plans are transferred to a series of different real time control systems and marking systems from different vendors in a cluster environment.

Distribution planning

For a leading Scandinavian distribution company AN GROUP performed analysis, specification, design and development of a system for distribution planning and production of individually packaged printed matter. The system uses order records and dynamic distribution routes to plan and execute production of sets and bundles of different contents from raw materials disposition to palletizing. The system handles a weekly production of up to 10 million indvidual co-packaged and addressed sets. 

Planning tool for distribution of printed matter

To enable the Luxembourg Postal Services to better use their packaging lines AN GROUP developed a planning tool with integration to SPS TMS system (packaging line control system). Based on order data from the sales systems packaging lists are generated and transferred to the packaging lines. AN GROUP developed this system that includes import of order records, disposition proposals for the production line and transfer to the SPS TMS system. The production execution is controllable based on a set of configurable rules.