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Packaging robot with light barrier

A Danish pharmaceutical company wanted to automate the palletizing of products and asked AN GROUP for a solution. A very low cost, user friendly and sturdy solution focused on structure, re-usability and robot functionality documentation was offered, of course including high reliability and precision. As part of a pharmaceutical system, supervision and traceability was included as an integral part of the solution. 

Turnkey solution for microfiltration

As a turnkey solution for a leading pharmaceutical company AN GROUP delivered a microfiltration plant, including mechanical design, engineering, complex automation, programming and instrumentation as well as an advanced control system. 

Data collection and supervision

For an automated production line at a Danish medical devices company AN GROUP delivered data collection, e.g. about fixture statistics for performance measurements and on-line product quality control, using several different technologies like RFID, vision system, MS .NET, MS SQL and Omron PLCs. 

Statistical process control

For a large pharmaceutical company AN GROUP delivered SPC analysis based on a GE FANUC Historian database, including specification, validation and vendor follow-up. Also, AN GROUP provided prototypes and supervised part of the project. 

Quality assurance and qualification

For a large Danish pharmaceutical company AN GROUP performed IQ and OQ tasks in connection with the production of high quality purified water for pharmaceutical use as well as related waste treatment.

Visual quality control

A pharmaceutical company wanted to check ampoule caps for leaks. After the job specification, AN GROUP provided a solution based on Vision Inline. A series of analyzes of measurement techniques and various tasks in connection with prototypes were performed. 

Quality control, data collection and traceability

For one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies AN GROUP delivered a total project for a new factory, including everything from data collection and automation to quality control and traceability as well as validation of the completed solution. A special focal area was paperless production. 

Data collection for optimization of production

A pharmaceutical company on Zealand wanted to collect production data to identify and prioritize production errors via production parameters. Based on the vast experience AN GROUP has with automation a solution was delivered that is easily integrated with an OEE tool thus enabling overview and prioritization of tasks for production optimization.

Data integration and project management

A large pharmaceutical company needed assistance to a problemfilled data integration project. AN GROUP performed project management, validation (in accordance with 21 CFR part 11) and integration. AN GROUP assisted with project re-organization so as to achieve a satisfactory result through a new implementation.