Life Science

There are many requirements within the Life Science Industry such as regulations, traceability and transparency among many other things. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly consider new regulatory requirements and product development in order to meet specialized requests in this industry. With help from AN GROUP, your organization will receive expert knowledge and advice on quality from our team of engineers and consultants on production and processes.


Our expertise is rooted in an in-depth knowledge of the Life Science industry, which is based on years of experience in improving and implementing solutions for our clients. With help from our skilled engineers, you will receive consultants and implementation partners of your medical device project with focus on:

  • Choice of manufacturing technology for in-process monitoring and controls
  • Regulatory Compliance and Validation
  • Optimization and improvement of WMS and manufacturing processes
  • Automation and performance monitoring of manufacturing processes
  • QMS IT systems like UDI, Eltronic Batch Recording (EBR), Eltronic Document

    Systems (EDS) Learning Management Systems (LMS) etc.