We always work closely with the customer, as we believe this is essential in order to meet the right needs. We consult on new opportunities and help identify areas that can be optimized.


We develop a tailored solution based on our extensive knowledge of the many industries we have worked within as well as the latest technologies, systems and programing languages.


We make sure that the necessary tests are perfomed, the right tools are in place that live up to requirements and always stay in touch to ensure the right conditions for success.

Efficient Solutions

Delivering the best possible solutions for our customers is key to AN GROUP. We provide consulting services and project-oriented solutions focusing on everything from small ideas to broad operational systems. AN GROUP carries out projects in all areas of industrial manufacturing, automation, production IT and management consulting. We deliver facilities in all sizes, from small process and production facilities to entire plant sections.  When collaborating with AN GROUP, you receive a team of specialists that are present throughout the whole process from generating new ideas, developing solutions to our ideas to making sure they are executed properly.  

Complete Deliveries

We have serviced the Danish and foreign industry with automation solutions for decades. We participate actively from the specification phase up to and including the operational start of the established facility and always work on improving processes from idea to finished facility. This gives us a unique basis of experience every time we start a new project. We deliver a facility with final documentation and instructions that enable customers to maintain their facilities afterwards. You can read more about what we can offer your organization and how we work with these solutions below.