Electric Design

Intelligent electric design

In cooperation with the customer we base our work on the specific requirements valid for the installation including documentation. We have many years of experience within most industrial areas, which enable us to conform to the specific requirements for industrial installations, such as electrical installations in the offshore industry, cleaning requirements in the food industry and validation in the pharmaceutical industry. 

AN GROUP carries out all tasks within engineering of reliable electrical controls and supply installations. We also have thorough knowledge of testing including commissioning and qualification of machinery according to current legislative requirements. Frequently we perform the task of bringing the installation into operation, in Denmark as well as abroad. We perform engineering and delivery of pre-designed industrial electrical installations. Likewise, we design and deliver electrical switchboards and control panels for automatic facilities. Our project engineers carefully prepare technical guidelines and standards for industrial electrical installations. 

Our competences and services within electrical projecting include:

  • Design of data acquisition systems and associated instrumentation
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Supplier evaluation and assistance in the selection process
  • Supervision and test of electrical installations and switchboards
  • Consulting about technical electrical tasks.
  • Comprehensive documentation experience
  • Fulfilment of customer requests and requirements