Robotic Technology

Intelligent robotic solutions

AN GROUP delivers automation solutions based on intelligent use of robots. Our solutions are based on the client’s business and we solve the tasks using our key competences within automation and production optimization. This ensures that the solutions are well thought out and offers the best payback. We handle several types of robots and implement the most suitable robot for solving the task. If it is not clear how the robot’s movements are carried out, or if there is uncertainty about the robot’s capacity, we can provide a complete simulation of the solution. 

Previously, many components have not been possible to automate due to short runs or large demands for future flexibility. The basic problem has been to identify the location of the component, then pick up the component with high precision and finally identify the correct location of the component. Vision-based robots can now find these even though they are randomly placed. AN GROUP can deliver some of the most advanced robotic solutions that is tailored to accommodate your organization and industry in the best possible way.