Safety Systems


AN GROUP provides consultancy and project deliveries with Safety PLCs & FailSafe Systems. A FailSafe System brings the facility to a controlled state and is able to shut down in case of errors. In close cooperation with the customer, we offer solutions that are designed according to the best possible concept. Safety-PLC and FailSafe systems are some of our core areas, which we have worked with for many years and delivered these solutions for some of the largest clients on the market such as Rockwoll, Siemens, PILZ, etc. 

AN GROUP can supply all deliveries in the project’s value chain from concept design to finished installation. Installations that are dangerous, and process-critical installations, are carried out in accordance with regulations and legislation with optimal program architecture and design for future extensions and maintenance. Examples of installations can be Burner Management Systems (BMS), chemical plants, explosion-proof plants, emergency stops, securing access conditions and the like. Our tasks are carried out independent of product suppliers and with focus on the solution with products best suited for the task.