Vision Camera Solutions

Best in class Vision Camera Solutions 

Vision solutions are the use of computer vision in industrial contexts such as in production – for performing tasks like quality control or process control. Choosing the right vision system is essential to meet the needs of the respective vision application. Vision solutions are typically used where there are high demands to speed, precision and repeatability.

AN GROUP has many years of experience with specifying, developing and implementing camera solutions for industry and production facilities. Our deliveries range from simple configurations to advanced algorithms; thus, no task is too complex or arbitrary for us to solve. Our consultants can help you implement and maintain a standard vision solution as well as a complex highend turnkey solution.

AN GROUP develops and designs Vision Solutions for:

  • Automatic Quality Inspection
  • Varification of Labels and Label Print
  • Product Control
  • Pattern Recognition/Product Categorization
  • Robot Guidance
  • Tracking


AN GROUP develops and designs vision solutions for label inspections. Having an inspection system can locate the exact location and orientation of labels. Working with AN GROUP, you will receive an inspection system that reduces manual inspection and delivers reliable results.

Label Print Check

It is very important that it is placed accurately in order for the print to be complete and readable. Having this vision system makes it possible to inspect discrepancies, as statistical data is gathered that provides an overview of deficiencies. AN GROUP can help your company with an inspection of printed parts that provides you with an overview of areas that can be improved and thus assist you in optimizing your process.

Automated Quality Inspection

In many operations, camera systems track and follow moving objects at high speed. Only the optical sensing path of the system moves while the camera system remains fixed. Thus, the system makes it possible to track fast-moving objects by focusing on a fixed point and stabilize captured images. AN GROUP can help track the movement of objects and hereby extract relevant data for the movement that helps optimize your processes.

Robot Guidance

Manufacturing automation is propelled into new levels of reliability than earlier. Cameras and pattern matching software has provided the best features of available machine vision and robotic systems. The system is using a camera attached to a robot arm, which captures images that the robot is guiding to. The industrial computer then processes the images and communicates with the robot’s controller. AN GROUP has implemented robot guidance using vision systems designed for object localization that has automated and optimized industrial manufacturing processes for our clients.

Product Control

Product and quality control, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, is key. Automated vision inspection systems are built to provide a number of components, which also can be used for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, packaging, automotive etc. These systems are developed to accommodate quality control and inspection, which leads to deficient products being avoided. AN GROUP works with automated turnkey systems every day and can aid you in identifying errors as well as implement efficient solutions.


Previously, production line operators or quality technicians were responsible for verifying product quality, which today is handled by automated quality inspection systems. An inspection system and process is usually customized for manufacturers to meet machinery needs. There are many benefits of an automated quality inspection system such as improved product quality, business growth and cost effectiveness. AN GROUP are specialists within the field and can help you get an efficient process in your company.