Business Solution Integration

The main focus for AN GROUP is optimizing the clients business. It is the requirement specification, which ensures that the selected solution covers the respective clients’ individual needs, whether it is the implementation of a standard system or development of a custom-designed system. AN GROUP delivers solutions that include the integration between production IT systems and an existing ERP system every day. In this connection, we have developed a concept for mapping business processes and subsequent identification of what should be supported by IT and which system should incorporate this functionality. Our focus is always on achieving the optimal solution for the client’s business.


AN GROUP will ensure appropriate use of production IT where you will experience real-time supervision of order progress for all involved employees even outside the production, e.g. planning, logisitics, sales, administration. We ensure an optimal execution of production orders and improved registration of materials consumption and inventory control. AN GROUP have helped many customers with optimizing their supply chain while ensuring transparency for the users within each production section. Our solutions carries the possibility of fast reaction to remedy error situations.