Cloud solutions


AN GROUP is experienced within Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. AN GROUP has helped companies use cloud services to increase their IT functionality and capacity, thus aiding them in becoming more efficient for different operations. Our experienced consultants work every day with managing our clients’ business challenges by building, administrating and deploying applications on a global network through frameworks. Using AN GROUP, you will experience lowered operating costs, efficient infrastructure and scale as your business needs change.

AN GROUP’s services include consulting, resource pools and project deliveries from the very first design ideas to fully implemented and operational solutions and support. AN GROUP stays updated with the newest technologies, standards and tools provided by Microsoft. Many years ago, we decided to focus on the Microsoft product palette, because the product covers most of the requirements of the industry like easy for integration, price competitive products, reliable products and products used by almost every business all over the world.