Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are used in manufacturing to control and drive the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. MES makes it possible to get a deeper insight into the current conditions on the plant floor and thereby provide information on how to optimize and improve production output. MES is an information system that connects, monitors and controls complex manufacturing systems and data flows. The main goal of MES is to ensure effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output. AN GROUP has many years of experience in designing, developing and implementing production control systems for some of the largest production companies in Denmark and abroad. We have developed control systems for a wide range of different production types within the pharmaceutical and food industry.


We integrate your manufacturing system into one simplified solution

AN GROUP has developed and implemented MES solutions for some of the largest companies in Denmark. We possess all qualifications and competences internally, as we are independent from suppliers. Thus, we can assist you from the design phase to a full implementation. In this way, we are making sure that the manufacturing process is handled in the best possible way. We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring compliance with requirements from standards and guidelines such as:

  • ISA S88 for batch control systems
  • ISA S95 for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and system integration
  • MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) functional requirements for MES
  • GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice)

When implementing a MES or batch control system that has been developed and executed by AN GROUP, your organization will experience optimized production performance, including production in accordance with guidelines and formulas, resulting in uniform products. We will help you get a better overview of how the production of a given finished product has progressed and provide supervision of the current status (real-time supervision) in the production. You will receive a qualified integration for administrative systems, which typically includes automatic transfer of order and product information, as well as reporting of in-process and finished productions.


AN GROUP has solved traceability problems in the pharmaceutical and food industries for years. We deliver everything from consulting services to fully implemented traceability systems. Traceability is not only a matter of complying with legal requirements but also gives many possibilities for optimizing company operation. When traceability and labelling are well-managed the company is able to minimise the costs necessitated by possible product withdrawals from the market.



AN GROUP´s solutions are based on current legislation and requirements concerning traceability within the individual industry. We assess the possibilities and solutions together with the client in order to deliver the best result. We have provided a better overview of the production stages and how improvement can be achieved. Additionally, we have offered our customers a better planning foundation and optimization of batch sizes and logistics. We have improved quality management by discarding low-quality lots before they go into a number of finished products.