Production Optimization

Improved processes

Do you work specifically with production optimization or do you need help with streamlining your organization? AN GROUP has worked with various clients in different industries focusing on optimizing their production. We have:

  • Improved competitiveness and performance in the production
  • Ensured the right investments are being implemented
  • Ensured future investments are well-founded 

Every production optimization process should begin with gaining solid knowledge of the existing production and bottlenecks. With a solid foundation in industrial automation and IT, we have the knowledge and insight to identify potential improvements. Besides governing the optimization process, we are able to establish alternative solutions that are well documented and economically founded. We have developed a unique concept that includes:

  • Calculation of potential savings and optimizations
  • Identification of strands of optimization – technical and organizational
  • Calculation of potential savings based on facts in close cooperation with your employees

Overall equipment efficiency

When data acquisition has given you knowledge of your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), you know whether you are in line with the market or below efficiency benchmarks. The same data acquisition will reveal where to act and where the bottlenecks are found, or maybe on a more specific note make precise diagnostics of production errors and stops easier and faster. This will increase uptime in the long perspective. AN GROUP has the expertise to handle such projects, including experience with both standard OEE systems and our own OEE/data acquisition system. Together with the customer, we evaluate if an existing OEE package (e.g. GE FANUC or Wonderware) is suitable or if a more flexible solution is needed to fulfill customer requirements. We implement all types and together with the customer select the right solution based on specific requirements like integration, flexibility, innovation and cost. 

We handle both delivery of software and hardware as well as implementation, so the right solution is quickly incorporated into the organization. We emphasize making all relevant information available to the operators, and as all data come from the same database, good planning from the start is vital. AN GROUP provides consultancy before a project is initiated to ensure correct and durable choice of solution. Based on our wide range of experience with many different types of PLCs, SCADA/DCS systems etc. we know exactly what is needed for a quick and sound implementation to give you a quick start with data acquisition. Thereby, it forms the basis for correct decisions for both the operators and the production management.