Industrial Operations

process optimization

AN GROUP’s employees have many years of experience in developing and implementing the most well-known production management concepts in a number of Denmark’s largest companies. Our approach is based on the involvement of relevant stakeholders from shop to top floor. We are pragmatic and result-oriented based on change management principles that ensures the right conditions for success are present throughout the process.

Up to date

Operations management is about understanding your processes and performance by monitoring KPIs, while striving to reduce waste, eliminate process variation and increase value adding activities. In their simplest form, “LEAN”, “Six Sigma”, “Supply Chain Management”, “Statistical Process Control”, “Operation Equipment Effectiveness” etc., are a compilation of methods and tools that support the transformation of an organization and its processes in achieving excellence. In practice, it is about changing existing mindset, behavior, and organizational culture, but most importantly – sustaining the change throughout the organization.


Operations management is about asking the right questions that challenges existing approaches and habits. We help develop new habits that improves operational performance, processes and management systems for your business. AN GROUP offers you the right tools within that ensures increased productivity and quality. Based on our approach to Continuous Improvement, you will experience improved daily operations and increased customer satisfaction. We create an overview of your daily operations and through collaboration, find and execute targeted solutions in corporate operations. We have been a faithful partner for many years and helped our customers implement new changes by challenging status quo, which has resulted in innovative and complete solutions.