Supply Chain Management

Streamlined Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management involves streamlining a company’s business on the supply side to maximize customer value and thereby increase the competitive position in the market. A supply chain consists of individuals, organizations, resources, activities, and technologies involved in the manufacture and sale of a product or service. A supply chain starts with raw materials supplied from a supplier to a manufacturer and ends with the supply of finished goods or service to the individual end users.




Managing the Supply Chain

The goal of supply chain management is to produce the best products and services on the market. To ensure that the customers get the products they want, the lead time must be as short as possible. Our consultants have many years of experience with reducing the lead time at companies and ensured an active streamlining of their activities, which among other things has contributed to increasing customer value. By supporting the supply chain management, the respective companies have become better able to cut excess costs and deliver products to consumers faster.