Business Process Mapping

Optimized Business Processes

The purpose of Business Process Mapping (BPM) is to give the client an overview as well as to enable the client to assess which processes and communication channels may be optimized. It is a visual management tool to map out process data that transforms inputs into outputs. In this way, non-value-added activities are removed, which ensures that the business operates efficiently. When designing a BPM model for a company or a department, AN GROUP sets up interviews in order to identify how the company would like its business processes and operation systems to be in the future. AN GROUP has experience in mapping business processes and structuring user requests and requirements in order to optimize the business process. We are experienced in working with numerous mapping tools, among those are SIPOC, Goal Deployment and Value Stream Mapping.


Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping (VSM) contributes to creating an understanding of the challenges in a company’s different workflows, also known as value chains. VSM thereby helps create flow in the respective value streams by identifying and eliminating waste. AN GROUP’s consultants work closely with all the representatives that are part of the respective process. We consider it important to involve the client in mapping a current and future state,  which contributes to a better understanding of the process and visualizes how to get to the desired state.


A SIPOC is a tool used to create an overall mapping of a given process and can be used to identify relevant elements as part of process optimization. AN GROUP’s consultants actively uses the chart with the team from the respective company as part of providing an overview of what is required of input/output for a process. This tool in all its simplicity therefore aids the team in identifying the critial processes and eliminate those that are considered redundant, thereby providing an overview of the scope of the project.