Process plant

AN GROUP carries out engineering of processes in cooperation with our customers when preparing flow and PI diagrams. These diagrams specify the requirements for equipment, instruments and pipes. Functional specifications are prepared with the assistance from our automation department, so all general requirements for the facility are identified and determined. AN GROUP provides consulting and design solutions for the process industry and possess process experience in supply systems for water, steam, air and gas. We handle all the necessary projecting of machines, tender documents, purchases, supervision and start-up assistance based on the customer requests. 

Our services include

  • Flow and PI diagrams that determine the
  • Functional specifications (processes, auxiliary
    systems, etc.)
  • Equipment specifications (pumps, tanks, heat exchangers, agitators, etc.)
  • Layouts
  • Arrangement drawings
  • CIP/SIP processes
  • Building Layouts
  • Pipe Design
  • Operation instructions and maintenance manuals
    for the equipment
  • Construction of tanks
  • Instrumentation
  • Contracting descriptions for mechanical mounting of equipment, pipes, etc.
  • Pre designed layout options
  • Domain names & professional email
  • Contracting tenders (inviting tenders, evaluation, etc.)
  • Handling of equipment purchase
  • Supervision (inspection of supplier, reception control, delivery follow-up)
  • Communication with authorities (environment, Danish Working Environment Authority, local authorities and others)
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For major plant deliveries, competent partners are used. We carry out design, specification, P&I diagrams and plant deliveries. Our methods and tools for projecting ensure that there is compliance with international standards and design practices. By choosing AN GROUP to do process and machine engineering, you will be able to follow the project all the way and only have to communicate with one company as we can coordinate the entire project. We will solve the task in cooperation with you making sure that you receive the optimal solution that lives up to your expectations and requirements. Our primary supplies relate to stainless steel for the pharmaceutical and food industry.