Project management

Projects are often a prerequisite for companies and organizations to develop and grow, which is why it is important that the projects comply with the agreed budget and deliver the desired quality on time. AN GROUP has experienced and well-trained project managers who can help ensure this both for small improvement projects and large deliveries. All of our project managers manage projects from idea to implementation and they work purposefully and effectively in all phases of a project to ensure an optimal process. An important point of a project is communication and dialogue with the customer. 




Our project managers always work with the customer and its key stakeholders in order to involve them in the important and necessary processes. For this reason, they are always physically seated at the respective customer. It is important to get the project’s results anchored in the corporate culture to ensure continuous improvements, which is why our project managers focus on the project becoming part of the new working habits. Our professional and experienced project managers ensure that every project is carried out in the best possible way according to the customer’s interests and needs.